Introducing Me

Ever had that feeling that something was a little off kilter in your life? Not really wrong, just slightly out of tune, out of balance or tilted slightly? Like when you see a picture on the wall that looks FABULOUS but something is a little womperjawed about it? A tiny nudge to the left and all is in alignment. That has always been my nagging notion realized at the age of 5 or 6.

While navigating the past several decades of a wondrous and blessed life, I always knew that there was some little nugget of something just hankerin’ to rise to the top. I felt that miniscule discomfort whenever I sidled close to that reality. Doing all of the fantastic things that made up my life (family, work, friends, activities) has been a true joy and have led me to this perfect and wondrous place in life. Yet…..that beautiful picture had its tilt. I felt it from time to time and made attempts to honor it somewhat “on the fly.” Those small forays into being me didn’t get fully acknowledged and continued to persist. Kind of like that aggravating tune that is catchy and just won’t go away.

In all my wisdom, I hadn’t realized that it might be necessary to release certain things in order to dig deeply into that space where the authentic me resided. A busy and fruitful life tends to mask some more esoteric parts of the being that are truly life giving.

Although not trained or schooled in these manifestations of my love for photography, writing, teaching and experiencing relationships, I know that through them I get closer and closer to that authentic, natural, original being that finds bliss in simplicity and well…..just being me.