My Dark Side Can Be My Friend

Recently, I have heard (lectures as well as conversations) about one’s dark side or shadow side and I am here to take a stand for my bad girl persona.

I admit that I have not always acted as others might have wanted me to act and have even occasionally been intentionally “bad.” But I strongly believe that I am pretty darn wonderful. You see, I don’t think that the Creator that I consider a superhero to have made mistakes. I truly believe that we are are hurled into this human existence in a delightful form. The mover and shaker of this Universe that many people call God, some call The Divine, others call other names……only knows one direction and that is perfection.

That being said, my humanity or evolved self does have a side of me that wants to go totally rogue from time to time. I don’t mean anything really awful, just judgy or tacky or less than sweet. That’s just my shadow side/dark side that gets on her high horse and tries to run the show. I know without a doubt that this little evil (not really evil) twin of mine has been highly honed to protect me. She protects that inner child that was hurt over and over again in many decades past. But she (I think I need to name her….hmmm what should it be?) really just wants me to be strong and to survive. She’s just not very smart about it. The more authentic side of me is really the Goodness of who I am and who we are all meant to be.

Somewhere along the road of our development we get bumped and bruised and our dark side turns up to attempt to be the shero that she is NOT. But because I yearn to be so very tender with myself, giving myself grace from time to time and forgiving myself over and over again, I claim that I will also befriend that ego side that steps in with good intentions albeit wrong.

So, whoever she is, that dark side of me…..don’t worry…..I love you too and you are my friend. But just remember, you are not in charge and can only come out to play when danger is near. All other times,, just hang out in the corner and keep your worries to yourself!