Your 2019 Intention-Going Up or Going Down?

In a conversation with a friend this week regarding our 2019 intentions/goal setting, I realized that whatever we forecast for our future can be headed in one of two directions. Out of fear, we can set an intention around what we DON’T want which may be an inadvertent boo-boo. Or we can set an intention which is directed like a rocket to the moon.

My friend suggested that she wanted to make more money so that she could pack up and move somewhere else. No particular place, just anywhere other than where she is right now. In listening to this goal, I realized that much of the wording of the intention was around how she hated her current living conditions as well as her group of friends, her apartment, her community. It was all about the negative and what was wrong.

I found myself wondering if she turned this intention toward the future and focused on a bright new existence in a town that was temperature but near activities and even attempted some sort of visualization of such a wonderful place. Imagining, visioning, feeling the feeling of being in a perfect environment. The feelings that I got when listening to the wrongly led intention were all negative.

Although it was somewhat painful to hear sadness from a dear friend of many years, I realized that this might be a lesson for me as I engaged in creating my 2019 vision board later in the same day. As I searched for words and photos in magazines that I could paste onto my vision board, I made sure that they were all positive in nature. As a result, I found myself getting more excited than ever before about my intentions. OMG this year is going to be fun. And I’m going to achieve it all! Like the kids who run into the swimming pool yelling and creating a cannonball to celebrate the entry into the water……I’m running at 2019 and running hard. CANNONBALL! I wish this for my friend as well.