There is a lot being said about “courage” these days.  I am hoping that this seven-letter word full of meaning does not become an overused word . . . because it is a powerful word.  As we are wont to do in current times we often grab onto a word or phrase and bash it to pieces through overuse by using it to refer to everything and every situation rendering it less than the meaningful and strong communication it should be. 

It is courageous to be real and authentic when everything around us nudges us to smother our vulnerability (another word I hope does not become overused) with false self-protective baloney.  It is courageous to “do the right thing” when it is much easier or more convenient to take the low road in decision making.  It is courageous to reveal personal or family secrets to others when the truth will provide important information that is beneficial to the greater good.  It is courageous especially when these stories and facts have been buried deeply for many years and not seen the light of day.

Courage inspires others to be and do the same.  The courage of others encourages all of us to be the best and most authentic we can be.  Courage has a ripple effect.  “If he/she/they have shown such courage, maybe I can too,“ is often the result.

Courage is also long lasting.  Maybe I cannot stand up and reveal what was said, done or happened to me that has had a profound effect at just this moment in time.  Maybe it is not the right moment to birth this truth.  But I am exquisitely aware that there are others in the world with great and powerful courage and the strength to be authentic and real.  I won’t forget.  Maybe someday that will be me.