Experiences Are the Best Gifts!

Those who know me well also know that I am a self-proclaimed minimalist. I’m not a person who lives in a tiny house (although my house is not large) nor do I have bare walls, 3 shirts, 1 pair of shoes, etc. All of these things sound very appealing; however, I am on a journey to reduce possessions not eliminate them. I have been on this path for the past 2.5 years and believe in the concepts 100%.

The holidays are a great time for me to reinforce with my friends and family how I feel about gift giving. I believe that society and retailers have taken us for a ride. This to the point of angry mobs pushing and shoving on Black Friday to make purchases of items they do not need and (possibly) can not afford. This year I was able to save not 20%, 50% or even 75% on Black Friday shopping. I saved 100% because I bought nothing! I buy as I need things, not as I am manipulated to buy them. If I did happen to need something on BF I would certainly not hesitate, but I have plenty of everything. I live a very, very abundant life.

So, about the idea of gift giving at Christmas, birthdays, etc. I have asked friends and family to honor my commitment to live an abundant life through non-consumerism. I LOVE getting gifts, but request that they be experiences, something homemade, or even a written note which will touch me more deeply than any tchotchke imaginable.

Some of the gifts I have been blessed with recently…..bars of gorgeous handmade/homemade soap (I think of the maker each time I shower!), tickets to see the Nutcracker with my grandchildren, a fun filled dinner out with another daughter and handwritten notes from friends which I treasure more than they can possibly know. I’ve also been given beautiful rocks which were hand selected from locations while friends were traveling. All memorable experiences that will live with me forever and the others as well, I hope.

There are so many simple things which can bring joy to others, cost very little and provide memories for years to come!