Glass Half Full Is Now Empty!

Not that I was in error all the past years :), but I think I was unaware of a truth which seems very real and feels so right.

I was always proud of myself for being positive, looking for the good, hoping for the best. Using an image of a glass half full rather than half empty, I imagined life as pretty good and always getting better. In my half full glass, I continued to add things + learning + things + friendships + things + experiences + too many things….always pouring in more into the sometimes murky glass of liquid.

When I was introduced to the concept of kenosis (self-emptying) I experienced the proverbial light bulb go off. Kenosis is a theological term which refers to renunciation by Christ of human-ness and acceptance/filling up of the experience of God. I like to hijack this word and use it in my own life to illustrate “emptying” or ridding the self of the yucky part of the egoic state which limits happiness and higher consciousness. Then it is possible to accept the real truth of all of life which is peace, joy and love.

How can I allow all the good stuff (no matter what it is) to be a part of me if I allow half full glass of muddy waters to remain? Emptying the bucket and tidying it up is necessary to allow space for the goodness that is Life to fully express itself.

I remember a few years ago, I tried out a session with a hypnotist to eliminate a false belief about myself. He explained that if we are attempting to rid ourselves of a bad habit or something that is not good for us, we may eliminate it but must replace it with something positive lest the undesired habit return. He indicated that we cannot say “Bad habit be gone!” without having something good to replace it.

I believe that peace, joy and love (which is what we are in life to be and express) is just hanging out waiting to occupy any empty space we create. How to do it? Everyone has their own methods. Spiritually, denials and affirmations are one way. Meditation and prayer are another. Or simply, choosing a different way of looking at things. After acknowledgement and working through the tough stuff, we bless it and send it on its lonely way. Then we have room for all the goodness that exists to enter.